The Fire Sentinel® is a UL-listed, time-delay door release device that directs a fire door’s closure in an emergency situation.

  • Floor-level testing, reset and trouble indication available
  • Recognizes when the door is closed, inhibits release to eliminate time-consuming resets and prevents damage to the door release mechanism
  • Available in 120V AC or 24V DC for motorized or non-motorized doors
  • Battery back-up provides extra protection
  • Confirm the operation of the unit via LED status lights
  • 10-second time-delay on alarm (up to 60-seconds) as allowed by Authority Having Jurisdiction
  • Optional alarm on power loss
  • Relay contact outputs can be utilized to indicate active alarm and troubles
  • Sounder/strobe alarm available
  • UL 864 and NFPA® 72 compliant
  • Compatible with UL 325 complaint operators

Fail-Safe Device for Fire Doors